Oil & Gas Logistics Challenges

Remote locations, heavy or oversized equipment, safety and security requirements are just a few of the challenges facing the oil and gas logistics industry. Critical transport space requirements or transit times also impact project schedules. Driven by the strong demand for oil and gas logistics services, Milestone provides our customers with experienced professionals that offer personal service to manage the challenges for any oil and gas logistics need. With a global footprint with more than 550 offices and over 10 million square meters of warehousing and special facilities, Milestone is the dynamic solutions-oriented logistics partner for any oil and gas industry requirement.

Global Solutions for Oil & Gas Logistics Services

Excellence in oil and gas logistics begins with planning around your key performance requirements then developing customized logistics solutions. Our 24/7 personal commitment to your logistics service needs include not only global transport services but local marine services, catering and security options for any area of the world. Our international team’s knowledge of the industry and established relationships mean your equipment and supplies, rigs, bulk or packaged goods, and heavy lift transports are delivered where you need them when you need them.

Improve Your Control, Quality and Security

Milestone guarantees constant interface control including documentation and online tracking. Your success is assured through our secure transport process which ensures safe delivery throughout the entire logistics chain. Time-definite departure and transit times from our air, sea or road freight partners provide our clients flexible, dependable, and cost-effective options.

Precision planning and timing is of the utmost importance throughout the transport process. Milestone has dedicated specialty Project Logistics and Chemicals teams that are key partners in the industry. Whether you need to move an oil refinery across oceans or operate supply chains with stringent chemicals industry HSSE requirements, we have the expertise and capability to deliver.

Our Customers Success Stories

"In the dynamic project environment, Apache relies on Milestone to complete large tasks in a very short amount of time and achieve a successful outcome."

Michael Campbell, Van Gogh Project Manager
Apache Energy Limited

"During the past five years Marathon and Milestone have developed our relationship to become true partners providing a seamless global supply chain."

Raymond Lovorn, Logistics Supervisor
Marathon Oil

Services Designed For The Oil & Gas Logistics Industry

  • Secure Warehousing and Distribution
  • Exclusive Storage Areas and Export Packing
  • Import and Export Compliance and Customs Clearance
  • Charter Services for Air, Sea or Heavy Haul Moves
  • Camp Catering and Threat Management Services
  • Logistics Plans and Site Surveys
  • Marine Services and Infrastructure Construction
  • Line Item Tracking & Reporting with Full Web Visibility


 Gas Compressor Station


From China to Uzbekisan

Customer Profile

Our customer is a diversified infrastructure, finance and media company taking on the world’s toughest challenges. From aircraft engines and power generation to financial services, medical imaging, television programming as well as oil & gas. They operate in more than 100 countries and employ about 300,000 people.

Customer Challenge

3,000 cubic meters of cargo from China and another 3,000 cubic meters from Italy, including some of the heaviest pieces - three compressors and three turbines weighing from 56 to 86 tons, were destined for a gas compressor station under construction in Uzbekistan. The station was in a remote and deserted area and the last miles of the journey was over dirt roads. All cargo delivered from Italy had to transit the River Volga before it froze for the winter. This required an experienced project logistics partner with an in-depth knowledge of local conditions in this emerging market.

Milestone Solution

Our Milestone Project Logistics experts from China and Kazakhstan worked tirelessly on this task and made the seemingly impossible possible – after just 45 days of thorough evaluation and planning. Due to the size and weight of the cargo and the readiness and delivery date, our team chartered a river vessel for the journey along the River Volga. The vessel had to pass check points along the route, making sure to clear them before the river iced over.

After the cargo was off-loaded at a Caspian Sea port, it was to be delivered to the job site in Uzbekistan where the roads were not asphalted and driving through city centers was constrained. The movements from China were made by road, a 4,500 km journey. Upon arrival at the border with Kazakhstan, every load had to switch from Chinese trucks to Kazakhstani trucks due to local Road Law.

The last 5 km presented some of the biggest challenges for our team. The area around the delivery site in Uzbekistan was soft sand and in order to move such heavy loads a road had to be built first, by vibro-compacting the ground and filling it with gravel. Tractors were also needed for additional pulling power.

Special Services For The Customer

  • Full visibility of the transport 24/7 for 2 months
  • Contingency plans ready
  • Local experts for project logistics as well as emerging markets and conditions
  • Milestone Mobile Team Escorting Heavy Loads during the trucking to site
  • Co-ordination of subcontractors and handling of governmental regulations
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