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Road Freight Tariff Simulation & Calculation

Customer Profile

The client is a leading global supplier of technology and services in the areas of automotive, industrial, and building technology as well as consumer goods, With over 300 subsidiaries and regional companies in more than 60 countries, the client’s 275,000 associates generated sales of 38.2 billion euro in 2009.

Customer Challenge

With an annual volume of approximately 4.9 million euro, The customer was looking for a forwarder to provide a Chinese wide service for groupage shipments, such as LTL (less than truck load) and FTL (full truck load), and more.

To that end, Milestone was asked to provide the China subsidiary a Chinese tariff solution with some special requirements; one of which was to provide one tariff between every 2-digit zip code in China. This means the calculation of more than 30 million potential connections, all based on Milestone’s last offer. It was important for the customer to have one tariff for all divisions, branches and factories to make the lookup of transport costs easier and more visible.

Milestone Solution

Milestone Chinay, together with its Road Freight team, decided to use its modern IT solution for complex logistics requirements.

We analyzed the historical shipment data to identify the customer’s business expenses to introduce new logistics solutions and a new tariff structure.

Twelve weeks after the first meeting, with 4 weeks of preparation and 72 hours of computer simulation and calculation, the job was done. Milestone was able to surprise the customer with a fast and effective experience.

Milestone used this challenge to create and invest in an IT solution for the future of Milestone and its clients’ needs.

Special Services For The Customer

  • Analysing and highlighting existing commodity flows
  • Benchmarking the actual transport expenses with Milestone’s new Proposal
  • Creating and implementing a Chinese Road Freight tariff solution

Ericsson Stock & Inventory Management

Customer Profile

Ericsson is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of telecommunications solutions. They have had a presence in Australia since the early 1960s and continue to be a major contributor to the Australian telecommunications landscape. Important Ericsson businesses in Australia are transmission, hardware services and warranty repair.

The Customer’s Challenge

Milestone has had a relationship with Ericsson since 2006 and was providing 3PL services for its transmission business in Dandenong, Melbourne. The services included warehousing, pick and pack, inventory management and distribution. A dedicated facility and warehouse management system were established for the Ericsson account.

To manage their expansion, Ericsson needed additional storage capabilities in order to secure the inventory and reverse logistics for its hardware services and warranty repair sector. To find a cost effective solution, they turned to Milestone to help grow their business and serve their customers more effectively.

Milestone Solution

The Milestone solution for Ericsson included utilizing our experts and their collective experience. Their extensive knowledge spans a variety of industries, and combined with our network of freight forwarding products, specialty businesses, and logistics expertise, we created a solution that answered the specific requirements of the Ericsson team. Supporting this telecommunications company required a logistics industry specialist with an international network, an appropriate storage facility and visibility throughout the supply chain.

Milestone set up a facility at the Melbourne Airport with satellite warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, as well as Hong Kong, London and Los Angeles. The services provided by Milestone included storage of 47,000 items for spares replacement and a full suite of reverse logistics, RMA services and a customized WMS tool to cater to the very specific inventory management systems requirements.

Milestone also set up a dedicated warehouse team that service the Ericsson business in Australia, which is on call all year round in order to meet the critical needs of the customer. By bringing together the right group of people, IT and warehouse assets, Milestone was able to provide the solution that was best for the customer.

Customer Quote

“Milestone has met and exceeded our expectations in managing our very complex reverse logistics and RMA services. They have shown great attention to detail as well as professional logistics solutions."

Ericsson Australia

Special Services for Ericsson

  • Dedicated facilities
  • Customized WMS solution
  • Inventory management
  • After Sales Services: Reverse and parts logistics
  • Dedicated account team
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